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I'm joining Service Space because ... I admire and want to emulate your commitment to service.

A good day to me is when ... I can feel the life force flow through me to another soul.

My hero in life is ...Gandhi

My favorite book is ...The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

One thing I'm grateful for is ... haiku

Angels (inspired By Abraham Lincoln’s 1st Inaugural ...

Jun 13, 2020, 1 smiles Angels (inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s 1st inaugural address and those meeting violence with love) the angels of our better natures singing in harmony the mystic chords of sacred memory singing us back into our connections with one another singing us home from the songbook of Divine Union

Moving Rocks My Partner And I Recently ...

May 30, 2020, 1 smiles Moving Rocks My partner and I recently ordered a load of gravel to spread by hand along the length of our long winding drive. This simple task of shoveling, barrowing and spreading rocks comforts and soothes me in a way deeper than words. I gravitate toward these kinds of manual, understandable meditative projects whenever I feel overwhelmed by things I don’t have control over. Every day for a week. Two hours in the morning and two more at dusk. One shovel-full at a time. One wheel barrow load at a time. Working at a pace that allows the breath and the mind to fall into a slow rhythm. The pile is so large at the beginning, my mind must give up trying to mark progress. Only then does the magic of exquisite beauty begin. Without effort or will, the eye falls on one lovely shape and color and sparkle after another. ... Read Full Story

Today As I Made Ready To ...

Apr 17, 2020, 5 comments, 14 smiles Today as I made ready to cook some fresh green beans from my neighbor’s garden, I remembered how meditative this part of a meal is for me. I have been washing and snapping beans since I was knee-high to the grown women in my family, using a step-stool to reach the basin and the sink. In the younger, more hurried days of my youth; speed and agility were the focus of my efforts. Back then, the mountain of beans in the basin was so high. The jars already boiling and jouncing in the canning pot. The goal was to fill an entire shelf row in the pantry against the grey winter winds. But this afternoon; I am older and slower, even if not much wiser. I take a balanced and relaxed stance at the sink. I open one window to increase the volume on the birdsong from out in the trees. ... Read Full Story

Meditation And Tea In Mississippi Begins ...

May 05, 2018, 1 comments, 8 smiles Meditation and Tea in Mississippi begins a second year! Our small group continues to shine our tiny light in the rural south of America. We have explored different ways of being together including walking meditations outside as darkness settles, lying on our backs observing the stars become visible as the full moon creeps up over the tree line, and exploring satsumas, cilantro and flowers with all five senses. Sometimes it is a challenge to hold my guiding idea that opening the circle is most important...not how many people join it on any given evening. And then, walking down my drive through the trees returning from one of our evenings, I am captivated by the tiny lights of the fireflies blinking on and off. Each light so small. And at the same time, with enough perspective, a whole universe of lights making the darkness welcoming and beautiful. Shine On Each and Every One of You...I know you are all out there!

Happy Love Day!

Feb 14, 2018, 3 comments, 14 smiles In gratitude to all the Love Warriors on the ServiceSpace Team.

R*E*S*P*E*C*T - I'll Tell You What It Means To Me

Oct 08, 2017, 2 comments, 5 smiles What does one do when asked to grant respect by someone and the immediate response that comes to mind is "Respect!!??...to you who have disrespected me sooo many times in sooo many deep ways?" When I asked a close and respected mentor this question, she encouraged me to reflect and see if there might actually be a way into this practice, since deep down, everyone deserves a respectful acknowledgement of the divine spark within. So I did what I do when faced with needing to understand. I went to the dictionary to see if I could find a meaning for the word respect that I could open myself up to. At first, I found many meanings that just made me bristle even more because I could not imagine "honoring" or "having esteem" for this very difficult person in my life. But further down the list were other, gentler practices like "treating ... Read Full Story

A Small Light From Firefly

Sep 07, 2017, 6 smiles ...even the misapprehension of meditation is all part of the lesson. There are some journeys we all have to make before we can come home to ourselves. Virginia May-Schiros What have i misapprehended as i sought to learn How can i embrace those turns taking me toward blind ends as lessons leading me to the center of the meditation on what is essential Essential experiences essential joys essential sadnesses essential transformations essential changes each and every one part of the journey home

Oh! That Is Why We Are All Here!

Aug 27, 2017, 2 comments, 13 smiles Being new to the ServiceSpace community, I often struggle with an inner problem of giving my time over to sharing my experiences, reading posts and responding to others. I tell myself "I should be spending my time on acting in my small corner of the "real world" instead of reading and talking in the "virtual world". But this week I learned my humble lesson about the Huge benefit of taking the time to connect within the ServiceSpace community. With many post notifications piling up in my Inbox, I gave myself the gift of reading one. The Universe sent me Bela Shah's post about guiding a college student she is mentoring through the experience of an original intention to serve spiraling out into a stressful outcome-focused list of deadlines and worries. And there in her post were exactly the questions I needed to be asking myself regarding my actions in the "real ... Read Full Story

Oh...why Don't I Take My Own Suggestions?

Aug 07, 2017, 2 comments, 16 smiles I am sure other DailyGood Quotepak volunteers know this but I suppose I am a "slow-to-glow" little firefly. Last weekend, as I was reviewing my completed assignments from July, I finally asked myself. "Well, if these be-the-change ideas you come up with each week are so good, why don't you use thm on yourself?" So I set myself the task to try at least one taste of my own medicine...and it was sooo hard! I simply had to "connect with someone who might be isolated" and found myself in the middle of the perfect opportunity. House sitting for a family whose elderly mother lives in a back-yard cottage and was not going on the weekend trip. Each day I would come up with some reason to knock on her door and invite her to spend some time with me...a cup of tea, just saying hello, just checking to see how ... Read Full Story

Meditation And Tea In Mississippi Walks ...

May 05, 2017, 5 smiles Meditation and Tea in Mississippi walks and then flies This week our group gathered for the third time. We started with a walking meditation again. I was tired and grateful to "give it over" to the gentle voice guiding us from the audio recording...changing focus from "leading" something to just "sharing" walking slowly together around the room. We sat down and shared reflections on how walking meditation felt in relation to sitting meditation. And then, after sitting, we read a haiku about opening up to spontaneous energy in our lives...what Tibetan Buddhism refers to as the masculine principle. As we went around sharing times such energy has flowed in each of our lives, there were tales of dancing in the grocery store aisles and childhood dreams of flying - with and without the aid of umbrellas. My gratitude to these wonderful souls soaring through our small corner of the sky!