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I'm joining Service Space because ... I'm on a journey to absorb, learn, and grow as much as I can :)

A good day to me is when ... everyday is a good day!

My hero in life is ...my parents

My favorite book is ...

One thing I'm grateful for is ... the opportunity to be here, right now

In The Emptiness, We Feel Whole

Sep 10, 2017, 2 comments, 17 smiles [My reflections at last Wednesday's Awakin Circle -- my first one in Santa Clara!] I'm really grateful to be here tonight. When I reflected on this poem by Parag Shah I thought of -- nothing. And then. :) And then I thought of this past summer, when I cooking with my mom and trying to spend time with her. In the process, she kind of gets really overbearing and correcting me and all that. But in between all that, there's also a lot of empty spaces, like when we chop the vegetables, put them on the stove and just wait for it to simmer. We take that time to kind of work with each other and figure things out. It's an interesting process, while we're sort of waiting around. There's this empty space and what do you do with the empty space? You sort of fill it with talking but sometimes you don't ... Read Full Story

Reflections & First Awakin In Philadelphia 'Burbs!

Jun 08, 2016, 1 comments, 10 smiles “What is necessary, after all, is only this: solitude, vast inner solitude. To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours…”- Rainer Maria Rilkes, Letters to a Young Poet Late last year in December 2015, I had the blessed opportunity to attend Awakin for the first time. It was during those beautiful winter months late last year that I attended Awakin each week and served with Manav Sadhna in Ahmedabad. Like others who have passed through that space, I felt a deep transformation taking place from within. Those months and the months leading up to it felt to me like the epitome of pure human existence. There was a point in the past years where I felt confused by the dichotomy of life, startled by everything that was going on around the world, and the peace I was struggling to find around me (I soon realized it was actually the peace that ... Read Full Story