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I'm joining Service Space because ... Being connected to such a movement strengthens my own resolve to giving and inner transformation.

A good day to me is when ... there is

My hero in life is ...Anyone who goes beyond their little self, even for a moment, to discover the

My favorite book is ...Freedom from the Known (J Krishnamurti)

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life ....and all its opportunities to change and reform myself!

New Year Resolution To Stay In The "Immeasurable Space"

Dec 31, 2015, 1 comments, 6 smiles I was writing this originally for my Blog. But when I got to the end of it, I was reminded of my introduction and involvement with ServiceSpace this year. It has been wonderful to have discovered ServiceSpace this year and thus am sharing these thoughts on New Year Resolutions and the invitation to discover the Space of Service within. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I stopped making New Year resolutions few years ago. The process of self-improvement, of making changes, of fighting with oneself, of victories on one day and defeat on another, of judging oneself as good when one sticks to resolutions and labeling oneself as bad when one breaks those resolutions--all these, I have come to see as being rooted in the desire of "becoming" something. But what if we are overweight and stuck with the habit of overeating; what if we have been lazy all year around and could do more and perhaps earn ... Read Full Story