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I'm joining Service Space because ... I'm here to serve

A good day to me is when ... I'm Breathing

My hero in life is ...HHDL, but he doesn't consider himself a hero, and that's why he's my hero

My favorite book is ...The Conscious Activist by James O'Dea

One thing I'm grateful for is ... the honor of life and of living with Mother Earth

Could It Be?

Jul 18, 2015, 6 smiles “Our world is profoundly interconnected. When we understand that everything we put out comes back” All humans have gifts, everyone is needed for what they bring. Some of us are not more important than others. Every aspect of the universe brings its gifts." -Kay Pranis (pictured below) Today’s Awakin Call with Kay Pranis dove deep—which to many of us surely was no surprise. Kay’s gentle humility and clear wisdom is augmented by a very visceral sense in the unspoken realms of what is truly in her beliefs, practices and resonance: an equanimity of all beings; a unity and interconnectivity; a willingness to believe and very much practice “not knowing”; a deep sense that our stories and in turn our need to be truly heard compels us together into a space perhaps we did not realize was possible. On the other end of conflict is a friend. That feeling was with me throughout our time ... Read Full Story

Reflection From My First Awakin Call -- With Gwen

Jun 20, 2015, 3 comments, 6 smiles Today was my first time moderating an Awakin Call -- an amazing experience.  Our guest was Gwen Austin, who has been a long-time advocate for the homeless population. Gwen Austin's life is a living chalice in action towards the flames of true transformation. Her early story and aha moment where she realized she was being called by something greater than herself or her own ideas of what she thought she was supposed to do and her willingness to follow that inward call into the outward realm, is extraordinary. What was most evident to me today in sharing space with her and everyone on the Awakin Call was the truth that everyone has a right to be heard and seen, and in fact, there are wisdoms and gems residing with the lives of all of us, whether we fit social castings or not. The importance of presence and deeply hearing the signals ... Read Full Story