About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... Serving is something with which we all are happy !

A good day to me is when ... When I make someone or the other genuinely happy.

My hero in life is ...Charlie Chaplin

My favorite book is ...Miracles of Mindfulness

One thing I'm grateful for is ... That I could identify the right path for me, or the right path for me has been identified, just need to travel n be present each moment.

Awareness - Unconventional Art Forms

Nov 09, 2014, 7 smiles This is a small initiative by my friend Tejas, and me, and our sole motto is to spread awareness about the unconventional art forms. How often do you hear ambitions in the children that I want to be a clown when I am grown up, or I want to do football freestyle when I grow up. Well that's the intention of this initiative, during this period of time we will both be clowns and perform series of act where Tejas(football freestyle artist) will also be a clown and I will also do football freestyling to show that nothing is impossible. During our visits to various places in the city, our intention is to solely spread kindness, love, laughter and compassion.  We will also be donating footballs, and small magic tricks and clown noses. This is just the teaser of the full video, video will encompass everything that we will do in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...   

Sharing During My Hasyatra!!

Nov 04, 2014, 3 comments, 7 smiles From a long time I was thinking that, the skills that I know shouldn't just be limited to me, and the art of acting and the art of clowning should be passed on. Compassionate Clowns and Rotaract Club of Kormangala decided to organize a workshop on building oneself through theater. So we quickly came up with a poster, and started inviting people through all the medium as possible. I wanted as many people to attend this workshop because this would have helped them to find the inner clown in them. The activities were planned out and the big day comes, when I am going to conduct a workshop on Theater and tips and technique of clowning. The day started with a spiritual rinse and all of us joined our hands and prayed along with the prayers that was playing behind followed by a minute of silence. All of us were new to each other ... Read Full Story

Hasyatra - A Laughter Journey :)

Oct 25, 2014, 2 comments, 4 smiles Greetings all the noble people who are reading this small story, First try at writing a blog, I am going to write what comes to my mind, hehehehe. Before I start about my Hasyatra, have to tell you all about how I became a clown, and trust me it is a big big coincidence: My friend Nivendra met a clown from Australia, and he invited Niv to Hospital nearby for clowning in hospital and he joined Brett(Clown from Australia), and soon he left to Australia. We happened to meet very coincidentally at about same time and we hit it off in the hospital, and this was my first snap from clowning: I felt out of the world after this experience, it was in many ways therapeutic for me and the recipients and from there on my clowning journey started.  Recently there was a retreat in Ahmedabad and there also because of Nivendra I came and ... Read Full Story