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I'm joining Service Space because ... want to help

A good day to me is when ... i can

My hero in life is ...paul farmer

My favorite book is ...mountains beyond mountains

One thing I'm grateful for is ... my family

Yesterday, We Were On A 5 ...

Sep 06, 2017, 1 comments, 12 smiles Yesterday, we were on a 5 hr flight home and the flight attendants asked if any doctors were on board as a lady had collapsed. My wife and I responded and luckily were able to diagnose and treat her so that she revived and told us her story- how she had not eaten and was flying to a city where she only had one friend and how her husband had deserted her! We were reflecting as to how some people had so much hardships in their lives , whereas some of us are so fortunate and get worked up about the little things in our lives

Elk And Bird Feeder

Mar 14, 2014, 1 comments Elk and Bird feeder - YouTube This Elk was determined to get at the Birdfeeder and inspite of the Collies, managed to get there!