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I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to become better human being day by day.

A good day to me is when ... I can be useful to someone

My hero in life is ...I also have a dream...

My favorite book is ...Gandhiji

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Loving family and so many beautiful souls I met in my journey called life..!!

Sharing From Awakin Circle Yesterday. How Will ...

Jun 16, 2017, 3 smiles Sharing from Awakin circle yesterday. How will you live your life, when you have a clarity at the age of 22. Swarup who has just completed his degree from one of the best institute CEPT in Ahmedabad and ranked out 3rd in his university, was answering question from his teacher : why do you not want to go to abroad for better career opportunities like others? what is your goal? He didn't think of this but he instantly got answer from his heart and said to her madam ‘I feel more happy when i am in india. I want one BHK room in Himalaya where I want to stay after I get retired. And I want to get retired at the age of 35! (Did I listen right ?35 ? :)), so that I can do more and more vipassana meditation for rest of my life’. He was sharing in Awakin circle ... Read Full Story