About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... Love the cause..Love the space.. love action.

A good day to me is when ... I see smiling faces all day

My hero in life is ...Every soul with a selfless service in mind

My favorite book is ...Alchemist

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Grateful for, parents, teachers, Mother nature for whatever bringing me up to this level.The Path I am on to consciously, The inspiring people about whom I heard and met. The happiness i feel when i make some one smile..The gratitude never ends..

Seva Cafe At Rural Town On A Different Cause

Mar 01, 2016, 5 smiles Seva Cafe, In Association with Sankara Eye Hospital and also Volunteers from Shidlagatta joined hands to organize a eye screening camp at Shidlagatta Taluk 60 kms away from Bangalore on 1st March 2016   It all happend with our quest to take Seva cafe to different places. While visiting a rural town blind care center, we met a teacher who expressed his concern for the kids of villages and their health. As i was also in touch with Bangalore based eye hospital and aware of their services, i reached them and there it was new begining in Seva.. All your efforts results in a joy  when you find a 6 year old girl affected with Bad cataract. Her parents just decided to keep her locked within the corners of their room. A wonderful teacher brought her to the camp fighting with parents and also promised to get her to the Sankara Eye Hospital for ... Read Full Story

Seva Cafe At Ramana Maharishi Academy For Blind

Jan 28, 2016, 2 comments, 15 smiles In Bangalore, Seva Cafe (Indian Version of Karma Kitchen) happens slightly differently than in most places. We will identify and visit places like old age homes, orphanages, Hospice, Leprosy Centers...List is too big as our criteria is a place where we can add a little more love. once place is identified what happens next is only nothing but magic. As usual volunteers get together and the magic happens.. This time too we were at Ramana Maharishi Academy for blind. We were expected to cook for 150 Blind kids and Staff plus 30 Volunteers. The Menu was Indian fried rice, Veg Ball Manchurian, Dhalia Halva. The menu was opted by the kids and trust me its a most complicated menu to cook in big quantity. As usual amidst the tensions and pressure, with blessing of pure magic of seva we finish cooking in time and start serving.. Food was liked by all of them and Veg ... Read Full Story