Open Volunteer Position: Smile Card Shipper (USA)

Team Info:

KindspringTo encourage anonymous acts of kindness, we started a fun game of tag -- do a selfless act for someone, and leave a card behind telling them to pay it forward. A million smile cards have been shipped anonymously without any charge through our site, members have shared 20,000 kindness stories as a part of "SmileGroups." Our weekly e-newsletter with top picks of kindness stories has grown to over 80,000 subscribers in a short time.


Volunteer Role:

Smile Card Shipper (USA)
Smile Shippers Required. Smile cards are shipped around the world for free to anyone who requests them on the KindSpring website, thanks to a team of USA based and international volunteers who ships in their local countries. An opportunity just opened up to become a smile card shipper in USA! We would provide you with all the raw materials, you buy the stamps, and then as you get assigned orders online, you have to prepare the envelopes and mail them out each week. It would take about an hour or so, and is quite a wonderful feeling to ship smiles across the world. Be a part of the kindness revolution. Volunteer to Ship Smile Cards. The minimum commitment is to ship 10 orders per week.


More Context:

No experience is required. Just motivation to spread kindness and smiles - one order at a time. :) It will require one hour each week, from the comfort of your own home!


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