Open Volunteer Position: HelpOthers Social Media Butterfly

Team Info:

ServiceSpace SpreadLove TeamServiceSpace is an all volunteer-run organization that leverages technology to inspire greater volunteerism. It's a space to explore our own relationship with service and our interconnection with the rest of the world. ServiceSpace allows our inherent generosity to blossom out into small acts of service for the community around us. It's a space to learn how outer change is closely tied to our own inner transformation. It's about changing ourselves, to change the world.


Volunteer Role:

HelpOthers Social Media Butterfly
We are looking for social media volunteer who can engage with our Twitter Followers; we have over 15K. :) Preferable to have experience on social media, specifically on Twitter.


More Context:

Experience required: Acts of kindness :) is a platform dedicated to fostering and celebrating small acts of kindness around the world. The opportunity would entail curating quotes, kindness ideas, and content from the website's 4,000 stories as well as the web. Time Commitment Required: 1-2 hours per week, ongoing, virtual volunteering


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