Open Volunteer Position: Kindness Story Scout

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KindSpring.orgTo encourage anonymous acts of kindness, we started a fun game of tag -- do a selfless act for someone, and leave a card behind telling them to pay it forward. A million smile cards have been shipped anonymously without any charge through our site, members have shared 20,000 kindness stories as a part of "SmileGroups." Our weekly e-newsletter with top picks of kindness stories has grown to nearly 100,000 subscribers in a short time.


Volunteer Role:

Kindness Story Scout
We're looking for someone with a keen eye and heart for everyday kindness stories that really move people :) While we currently mostly only feature content written by members of this site, we're looking to broaden the content to include stories from other sites as well and this role would take the lead on "scouting" these stories.


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Volunteer Reflections

imageJun 22: Pancho's Church Talk In Carlsbad As Panchito walked, he shared stories of hope with many. Below is one example from Pilgrim United Church in Carlsbad (Southern California) ...
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imageJun 13: When The Kind Souls Go I watched this short video at a museum here in San Jose, Costa Rica. This was spoken with peace and clarity at the end: When the kind souls go. From the Earth we are. From the Earth we come....
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imageJun 15: Kindful Kids: Children And The Environment - Why It's This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Children And The Environment - Why It's Important To Teach Them Young. Take a look."Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite...
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imageJun 26: Friends Are Breath Of Life !! They ... Friends are breath of life !! They teach us They help us They protect us They save us They enhance us They bless us ...
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