Open Volunteer Position: KindSpring Story Editor

Team Info:

KindSpring.orgTo encourage anonymous acts of kindness, we started a fun game of tag -- do a selfless act for someone, and leave a card behind telling them to pay it forward. A million smile cards have been shipped anonymously without any charge through our site, members have shared 20,000 kindness stories as a part of KindSpring Community. Our weekly e-newsletter with top picks of kindness stories has grown to over 100,000 subscribers in a short time.


Volunteer Role:

KindSpring Story Editor
The KindSpring kindness portal has a social networking component called Smile Groups, which enables members to anonymously share stories about acts of kindness (they use nicknames). Our global team of editors reads all the stories lined up in the story queue and edits the stories so that they are ready to be published on the main site. The editors play a crucial role in encouraging new visitors to get involved in spreading the spirit of kindness! The role involves minor editing to correct typos, grammatical errors, etc At a minimum, we ask all editors to publish at least 5 stories per week.


More Context:

This role requires proficient writing skills and interest in engaging more with content related to kindness. On average, it will require about 3-5 hours per week.


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