Open Volunteer Position: KindSpring Short-Story Reviewer

Team Info:

KindSpringThe mission of KindSpring is to spread kindness in the world. We believe that small acts of kindness can change the world. Our team consists of people from all walks of life, living across the globe. Our offerings are a 100% volunteer-run effort.


Volunteer Role:

KindSpring Short-Story Reviewer
Our website allows its members to anonymously share stories about acts of kindness using a member alias/nickname. The Short-Story Reviewers read all the stories submitted before they can be published on the website. They make minor edits, correct typos, add images so that they are ready to be published. This role requires anywhere from 2-4 hours a week, depending on your writing skills. The schedule is super-flexible. You can line up all your stories once a week or split them up on different days.


More Context:

This role requires proficient writing skills and an interest in engaging more with content related to kindness. Online image/research skills a plus (but not mandatory). Must be able to work independently, with quarterly team meetings.


Sign Up:

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