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Learn more about ServiceSpace, the people behind the scenes, our unique model and what we are learning on this journey. image


Read powerful news stories and uplifting interviews, view short films and more to wake up the mind and heart. image

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Get involved as much or as little as you'd like, and join others committed to bringing positive change in the world. image

Team Blog

Rise: From One Island To AnotherLast week's featured video on KarmaTube received 1962 views and 5 comments. "Two poets, one from the Marshall Islands and one from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), meet in a place of rising oceans so ...
KarmaTube.org on Jul 24, 2019

Experimenting With Money In A Gift EcologyHow would a ServiceSpace volunteer approach philanthropy? I’ve been pondering this question ever since attending a Gandhi 3.0 retreat in early 2017. Prior to ServiceSpace, I operated in a ...
Ariel Nessel on Jul 24, 2019

The Lost Words: Reclaiming The Language Of Nature"In early 2015, when the 10,000-entry Oxford children's dictionary dropped around fifty words related to nature -- words like fern, willow, and starling -- in favor of terms like broadband and cut ...
DailyGood.org on Jul 24, 2019

Samagrata - Village Immersion: Jul 2019“The soul of India lives in its villages” – some of us experienced it in our “Samagrata retreat” village immersion in Punadara and Waghjipura. As he arrived ...
Kishan Laddha on Jul 24, 2019

Twitter Feed

ServiceSpace 6938 hours agoRT @AdityaBarrela: "Being the change" means "changing the being" It was great connecting with #nipunmehta and the @servicespace team at…

ServiceSpace 7610 hours agoRT @AlanaKarran: “The only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of love.” ~ David Bullón Patton Thank you @BullonDavid and N…

ServiceSpace 8906 hours agoRT @sheenikashah: Looking forward to attending"Nipun Mehta: What if Generosity Was Taught By Who Had the Least?" on July 28 in Norwalk, CA.…

ServiceSpace 9314 hours agoRT @FashDami: Phenomenal weekend read for me: Dozen Questions Around Volunteerism | [more] [more] via @se…

ServiceSpace 9314 hours agoRT @heartful_ness: " Values aren't taught. They are caught. They are demonstrated by the people who live those values" "Compassion - this i…

ServiceSpace 9626 hours agoRT @joncallegher: Congratulations @servicespace @connectthu and @buildingrootsto on the inaugural #karmakitchenpicnic at the #mossparkmarke…

ServiceSpace 9626 hours agoRT @FashDami: If everyone can share their gifts, we will discover new forms of value - Nipun Mehta via @servicespace

Featured Articles

Paths Are Made by Walking
Talk at UPenn graduation, that has now spread virally worldwide.

Designing For Generosity
An 18-minute Ted Talk overview of our work.

What is a Gift Economy?
Former editor of CS Monitor, Paul reflects on building a gift culture.

Would @Gandhi Use Social Media?
Nipun's recent talk at the UN.

Becoming a Presence Activist
Viral shares nuances of including awareness in the work of social change.

Five Reasons to Serve
An articulation of our flavor of volunteering where inner and outer change are fundamentally intertwined. Also see this video.

Ripple Effect of Kindness
If you got upgraded to first-class, would you trade seats with someone in economy?

Generosity 2.0
What happens when ancient values meet modern technology? A new kind of revolution.

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