Mothers Circle -- with a Gandhian!

WHEN: April 19, 2019, 7PM
WHAT: On Friday, April 19th @5PM we're delighted to host a parenting-themed dialogue with lifelong Gandhian, Arun Bhatt, in our home. To join us, RSVP below.

The intent of this circle is to circle up with other mothers to reflect on the values of service and stillness -- both in ourselves, along our parenting journeys, and in instilling a foundation for those values for our children. We will have the joy and honor to hear from a remarkable 86-year-old Gandhian, who not only embodies the nurturing qualities of a mother, but also raised two children of his own, while living a life surrendered to selfless service.

Arun Bhatt ("Arun-dada") spent decades serving alongside a Gandhian legend, Vinoba Bhave. Walking from village to village all across India, for tens of thousands of miles, he served uplifting the grassroots. As a part of the "Shanti Sena" (peace army), he breathed peace in warring areas -- often in the most remarkable ways. For 13 years, he went to jail every month for a peaceful protest to protect animal life. Stories of how he has transformed lives are almost like folk tales. To top it all off, he did this without owning anything, and selling any of his labor -- ever.  Even with a wife and two children!  Just simply, and powerfully, the power of love. Now, at 86 years of age, his eyes are still shining, his heart still pours out soulful songs, and his presence quietly blesses -- without ever trying to.

How did someone who left college at 20 for what would become a lifetime of selfless service engage his own children's education?  Did his values ever clash with things his children wanted to partake?  If so, how did he engage that?  How do we as mothers allow children to grow into their own people, even at times of disagreeing with their decisions or fearing for their safety?

Join us, on April 19th, for a lively conversation with Arun Dada, around his journey as a father, husband, and soul of courageous compassion!

The approximate flow of the evening will be: 
7:00PM Meditation
7:30 Welcome and Circle of Sharing With Arun Dada
8:30pm  Light snacks and tea 
9:00pm Close

If you'd like to attend, RSVP below and we'll send more details as we get closer to the dates.            
WHERE:Oakland, CA
HOST:Arathi Ravichandran

Sorry, this event is now closed.