Circle on Gita - with Arun Dada!

WHEN: April 9, 2019, 10AM
WHAT: On Monday, April 9th, we're delighted to host an intimate circle with Arundada, in conversation on the wisdom of values expressed in the Gita, inspired by Vinoba's Talks on the Gita.

Vinoba Bhave, widely recognized as the spiritual successor of Gandhi, has been an inspiration for many world wide. Best known for the "Bhoodan" (land gift) movement, an unprecedented feat in human history, he also held many ideas on aligning social change with inner transformation.

While imprisoned in 1932 for his involvement in India's Independence movement, Vinoba gave a series of talks on the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu sacred text. The content of these talks was eventually published into the compilation, Talks on the Gita.

As more background, the publisher's note reads:
Vinoba agreed to give a talk every Sunday and delivered 18 talks on the 18 Chapters . [...] It is not an academic treatise on the Gita. These are the talks given before ordinary individuals from different walks of life. It was Vinoba’s firm conviction that the Gita is meant to spiritualize human life; to transform and make it divine. That is exactly what these talks too are meant to bring about.
Arun Dada, an 83-year-old Gandhian legend, spent about 40 years of his life with Vinoba, and is a humble embodiment of the values he lived by. We're honored to have such an elder with us, and look forward to a deep-dive conversation inspired by ancient wisdom.

If you'd like to join, RSVP below and we'll keep you posted with the details.        
WHERE:Banyan Grove (Forest Knolls)
HOST:Preeta Bansal