The International Soul of Education Gathering

WHEN: April 12, 2019,
WHAT: About two years ago, while visiting Bhutan and meeting Bhutan’s former Education Minister (Thakur Powdyel), we envisioned an international summit devoted to the Soul of Education, hosted in Bhutan in 2019.
The vision was to bring together education experts, innovators, researchers and activists from as many countries and education cultures as possible. We wanted the participants to represent holistic principles, mindfulness in education, educating for well-being, contemplative pedagogies, social-emotional learning, positive psychology, soul-based perspectives and integrative viewpoints. 
The mission: to address innovative education projects which are happening around the world, to foster cross-culture dialogue, to explore integration of themes and narratives, to provide avenues for new insights, to discover potential creative collaborations, and to envision and evoke together an integrative education model for the world of the future.  
Soon after, we realized that because of Bhutan's expected elections in 2018 (just ended, actually), it’s not possible to plan on Bhutan, until after the elections. The Summit's project was hence shifted from Bhutan to Prague and was updated to a gathering of world experts. An Advisory Board was recruited, and a vision statement was created. 
The gathering is scheduled for April 12-14th, 2019.
I keep on heading and spreading the initiative around the world. In the last 6 months I was in Budapest, Estonia, Rotterdam, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Weaving the web that connects us all, creating a solid foundation for the Prague event in April 12-14th, 2019.
Among the leaders who intend to come: Mark Greenberg, Christa Turksma, Robert Roeser, Gina Biegel, Aostre Johnson, and Tish Jennings (USA), Thakur Powdyel (Bhutan former Education Minister), Arun Kapur (India/Bhutan), Catherine Weare (UK), Amy Burke (Canada/Prague), Jannus Jaska (Estonia), Ofra Mayseless and Pninit Russo-Netzer (Israel), Theo Koffler (Canada), Daniela Labra (Mexico), Karlheinz Valtl (Austria), Helle Jensen (Denmark), Kevin Hawkins (UK/Prague), Nandini Chatterjee Singh (UNESCO MGIEP, India), Pradeep Nair (Malaysia), Prapapat Niyom (Thailand), Joanne Chung (Hong Kong), Grant Rix (New Zealand), and others.
More experts (from various countries), who heard about the prospective gathering event, are expressing interest to join the Prague event. However, the number of participants will be limited, to about 30-40 members. 
It might be the first time that experts from so many cultures, countries, narratives and themes, all caring for the core, heart and soul of education and for the world of the future, will meet, dialogue and connect. That should make the event unique, inspiring, insightful and hope giving.
HOST:nimrod sheinman