Evening with Sister Lucy!

WHEN: Oct 20, 2018 05:00 PM
WHAT: On Sunday, Oct 21st, we are gathering together for a reflective evening of stories with Sister Lucy Kurien. 

About Sister Lucy: Lovingly nicknamed "Mother Teresa of Pune" (in India), Sister Lucy Kurien is a huge-hearted Christian nun whose work is filled with incredible, selfless love.  In 1997, she started a sanctuary called Maher (which means 'mother's home') for abused and destitute children, women, and men.  Today, over 4,000 women and 2,000 children have been housed for healing and rehabilitation across their 38 homes in the region).  She's the recipient of several honors, including the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskar "Women Power Award" (conferred by India's president), and 2016 Vanitha Women of the Year Award.  When she met Pope Francis last year, she asked for his blessings, and he turned it back around and asked Sister Lucy to give him her blessings. :)

On Sunday, Oct 21st, we're honored to host Sister Lucy in our home.  We begin at 5:00PM (doors close at 5:30PM) with an hour of meditation, followed by sharing and stories from Sister Lucy's remarkable journey, and end with a vegan dinner. 

To Join, RSVP below, and we'll get back to you with more details closer to the date.  **Please RSVP with an email address for each person in your party who'd like to attend.**


More on Sister Lucy's Background: Born in Kerala (Southern India), Sister Lucy moved to Mumbai at the age of 12.  There, she saw the slums of Dharavi.  The poverty, the dirt, people defecating in the open and more, deeply impacted and moved her to act in some way.  Her calling led her towards becoming a nun by the age of 19.

In 1991, a 7-month pregnant woman came to the doors of her congregation.  Her alcoholic husband threatened to beat her to death.  Sister Lucy was a junior in that organization and did not have the authority to offer help then, so kindly told her, "Please come tomorrow and I will make arrangements for you."  That very night, she heard loud shrieks of pain and ran outside, only to see the same woman burned to flames by her husband.  Witnessing this, Sister Lucy tried to rescue her, but neither the woman nor her 7-month fetus could be saved.

This experience deeply moved her.  She was angry, at her limited ability to serve others in this world full of darkness.  "I want to do something to help, but I don't have anything," she approached her mentor, Father Anthony D'Mello, for advice. He told her:

"It's not so that you don't have anything. You have love. And that love will inspire you to take the next step."

Since then, Sister Lucy has devoted her life to supporting battered and destitute women.  She later expanded her work to include caring for underprivileged children, who literally came knocking at her door for help.  Maher, whose motto is "There is always room for one more," welcomes all people irrespective of their religion or social status and values each individual equally. 

We're honored to have Sister Lucy with us to share learnings, reflections, and inspiration from her remarkable journey.         
WHERE:Ross, CA (Marin)
HOST:Ariel Nessel

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