Healing + Transformation Retreat

WHEN: Feb 17, 2018 04:00 PM
WHAT: Dis-ease can often be an invitation to look deep inside and heal in ways we didn’t even know we were wounded. Our collective history is full of stories about individuals who experienced suffering, either as a patient or a healer and were transformed.

On Sunday, Feb 18, 2018, a bunch of us are gathering together for a one-day retreat at Banyan Grove to explore more deeply the topics of healing, transformation, and selfless service. Following a tea shop conversation last spring, this retreat intends to converge around pressing questions and edges, as well as share integrative practices and tools, and connect with a kindred community of healers and the healing.

Some of the questions we will hold together -- How is personal healing a service to the greater good? What is the role of "wounded healers" in a society of 'dis-ease'? What's the difference between Healing vs. Curing? Do designs to optimize safety detract from patient well-beingand quality of life? Does healing come from within? How can deep listening lead to deep healing both individually and collectively? How do we embrace both Western/allopathic medicine and indigenous wisdom simultaneously? Where and why does our healthcare system fall short? Can training in Empathetics help? What can we learn from case studies like the Netherlands' Neighborhood Nursing?

Activities throughout the day will include meditation, a circle of sharing, restorative yoga, small group and one-on-one discussions, and exercises that range from a deeper dive on the vagal nerve to sacred space-holding. Co-creators include doctors, patients, and healers -- like compassionate doctor-poet Sri Shamasunder; author Dr. Bill Stewart (of Deep Medicine); yoga instructor Susy Stewart; Dr. Radha Ivaturi (whose deep listening gives rise to some remarkable hospital room stories!); cancer survivor and author Kozo; the one-and-only Grace Dammann, and many more!

We invite you to join us, share your medicine, and take in the collective intelligence and deep healing available in each moment. We can't wait to see what emergence holds in store!

To join, simply RSVP below with your email address, and we’ll send you more details as we get closer.        
WHERE:Banyan Grove (Forest Knolls, CA)
HOST:Kozo Hattori

Sorry, this event is now closed. However, you are invited to join the team that is having a follow-up discussion.