Awakin Kids Circle

WHEN: September 16, 2017, 4-6PM
WHAT: Hello Awakin Kids and Parents! :)  Thank you for several wonderful circles over the last couple months. We are delighted to host another one this month.

If you and your kids are able to join us on Saturday, Sep 16th (4PM to 6PM), please RSVP below. As context, here's a beautiful blog post from a recent circle.

The Awakin Kids circle typically includes some silence, some sharing, some activities and lots of spontaneous caring and love.  We'll have some plans but lot of it emerge in our co-created field.

In parallel to the Kids circle, we also host a parents circle -- for which Kozo has offered this anchoring thought this month: 
"What if there actually are different ways of loving a child, and not all of them are equally desirable? The psychoanalyst Alice Miller once observed that it's possible to love a child 'passionately--but not in the way he needs to be loved.' If she's right, the relevant question isn't just whether--or even how much--we love our kids. It also matters how we love them."~Alfie Kohn in Unconditional Parenting

Seed questions: What is the difference between loving kids for what they do and loving them for who they are? How can we practice these different kinds of love? What experiences do you have either as a parent or a child with these kinds of love? 

As the Chinese Proverb says, "All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today." How can we be the instruments in planting and nurturing these seeds?  And moreover, can we hold space in a subtle way -- where spirituality is caught, not taught?  We invite you to hold these questions with us, and to experiment with our Awakin Kids circle.

Please RSVP below if you're able to join, and we'll email you more details. Once you do that, you can also do a family RSVP (for your kids and/or other joining you).
WHERE:Santa Clara
HOST:Dinesh Mehta

Sorry, this event is now closed.