2017 Bay Area Lemonade Stand (SSP Interns & Mentors & Friends)

WHEN: July 22, 2017, 12-4PM
WHAT: Interns and Mentors, get ready to make lots of lemonade!

Inspired by local vintage "Kindness Drives" -- like Miles of Smiles and Chalk the Walk! -- we decided to bring back the legendary Free Lemonade Stand! :)

On Saturday, July 22nd afternoon, get ready to roll up your sleeves, and dive into an experiment in generosity with offering lemonade unconditionally! :) For added inspiration, learn about Nimo's Lemonade in Los Angeles, a high school team that gifts strangers Hot Chocolate on Cold Days, and the Van that Delivers Human Kindness!

Plan (day of):
  • 12:00PM - Arrive & Setup a stand for giving out lemonade (and any other treats you are so inspired to make/bring, like cookies, biscuits, crackers, etc).
  •  1:00PM - Welcome & Circle of Sharing
  •  1:30PM - Gift Lemonade! 
    • Offer passerby cups of lemonade and whatever we'd like. This is an opportunity to practice giving unconditionally -- and to make people smile and share in the spirit of human kindness! :) We'll also encourage them to pay-it-forward with a smile card (and some actual smiles, too :))
    • Other gifts & kindness actions: We can think of other inspirations for what to bring with us (Works & Conversations magazines, heart pins, etc) as acts of kindness to offer to people.
  • 3:00PM - Closing Circle of Reflections
  • 3:30PM - Clean Up & Goodbye Hugs!
Do RSVP below, and you'll be emailed more details (location, prep, etc.) as we get closer!        
WHERE:St James Park, San Jose, CA
HOST:Vishesh Gupta

Sorry, this event is now closed.