Fifth Monk Circle :)

WHEN: June 17, 2017, 2-5PM GMT
WHAT: While I'm in London for a couple days, a few Laddership Circle alumni (Liam, Jane, Maki, Mila, Zilong, Joserra) are coming together for afternoon tea. If you're around and would like to join some "systems thinking" kind of conversations, in an intimate setting, we'd love to have you join us.

We're calling it the Fifth Monk Circle, based on this parable that invites us to see more upstream solutions to personal and societal challenges.  Questions like -- what edges are you holding (at a personal, community or systemic level)? If you had a billion dollars, what would you do? :)  Are you being called to any "fierce urgency of the now" action? What is your most recent labor of love project? How you have experimented with multiple forms of wealth (for inspiration, see Zilong's post)? Where have you seen the most recent example of many-to-many possibilities?  What is the collective story you're listening into these days?

We'll be meeting in Central London on Saturday, June 17th at 2PM.  We'll conclude with some afternoon tea around 4:30PM.

If you're able to make it, please RSVP below, and we'll send you more details as we get closer.  
WHERE:Central London (Pimlico)
HOST:Nipun Mehta

Sorry, this event is now closed.