Guest Speaker Awakin Circle: An Artist's Labour of Love, from Nepal! (Harrow)

WHEN: June 28, 2017, 6:30PM
WHAT: Four year ago, a young man in his late 20's in Nepal planted seeds in the form of art as an outer expression of the inner transformation he was experiencing on his own personal journey -- he made art installations featuring thousands of white butterflies!  For Milan Rai, this particular expression of art stems from his innermost transformation.  In his younger years, his intention for creating art was to transform people and he openly shared that he was often met with frustration as they weren't necessarily interested or engaged in the ways he had hoped they might be and in fact he found himself agitated in the process.  As he journeyed on, he realised that instead of trying to change the world, he must first start by changing himself.  This was a pivotal moment in both his artistic and personal journey, when he realised that art was not a project but a process.

One day, while he was painting a much more complex art piece in his studio, a white butterfly landed on his paint brush -- the simplicity of its beauty struck him as he reflected on his own journey of metamorphosis over recent years, in a similar spirit to the butterfly's journey.  From this aha moment, his labour of love offering, White Butterflies, was born and has gone on to inspire thousands of people in 40+ countries around the world! 

In his own words...
"White Butterfly was born out of love. I embarked on this journey by translating my experience of personal transformation into a motif coupled with profound beauty, optimism and the desire to move beyond the confines of the gallery walls. Butterflies through their transformation constantly remind me of my own struggles. The essence of my work is a deeply personal experience."

For Milan, the White Butterflies are an artistic expression of the deep sense of love and compassion he carries in his heart and feels moved to share with the world, and in doing so hopefully inspire others to do the same.  A few of us from the ServiceSpace community discovered Milan's work at an art installation at the Southbank Centre in mid-May and when we met the artist behind it all, we were blown away by the deep alignment he shared with the values of this community. On June 28th, we invite you to come along and hear more from Milan about his inspiring journey that led him to the White Butterflies art installations and learn about some of the ripples of his beautiful work.

RSVP to join in on June 28th in Harrow to hear more about Milan's journey from Nepal to offer his art to the world as a labour of love manifestation of his inner journey!

The flow for the evening:
6.30pm - Sit in collective silence
7:30pm - Milan shares reflections and stories from his personal service journey
8:00pm - Q&A and circle of sharing with the group
8:45pm - Home-cooked vegan dinner  

The evening is offered in the spirit of service, there is no charge for attending the gathering.

After you submit your RSVP, you will be emailed follow-up details a few days prior to the gathering.         
WHERE:Harrow, London
HOST:Mita Shah

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