Youth Circle: Self-Trust in an Uncertain World (with Zilong Wang!)

WHEN: May 27, 2017, 3pm to 6pm
WHAT: After receiving emails from Ani and Trishna saying that Zilong will be arriving in London as he continues his "pilgrimage around the globe by bicycle, in service of the ecological and spiritual awakening of our time" we decided to plant seeds for another youth circle.

Since I got involved with ServiceSpace, Zilong has been hugely inspiring to me. Along with his biking pilgrimage, he was part of the 2016 Spiritual Ecology Fellowship and has been a regular contributor to the ServiceSpace blog and the Huffington Post blog. You can read more about him in this interview.

As I reflected on a theme, it seems in order to navigate this world of growing complexity and uncertainty, I'm having to fall into greater and greater self-trust. How do we trust ourselves and make the right decisions? From runaway climate change, to fake news, to depression being the leading global disease burden by 2030 and an economy where 8 men own more wealth than 3.5 billion people, how do we choose what path to take in life? What happens when we truly trust our intuitive sense of knowing? Where do we go if we are struggling?

With Ani Devila kick starting the first youth circle in London last November with Nipun Mehta, we'll be holding another on this theme of Self-Trust.

If you're under 30 (give or take a few years) and feel called to attend, come and join us as we circle together.

The final details with address will be sent out via email once you've RSVP'd. There'll be snacks/refreshments and an optional dinner together after the end of the circle.
WHERE:Tufnell Park
HOST:Liam Chai

Sorry, this event is now closed.