With Jacob Needleman: On Ethics

WHEN: April 24, 2017, 5-7PM
WHAT: If you'd like to join in an informal conversation with Jacob Needleman and Nipun Mehta, on Ethics, please RSVP below.

The 21st century offers a dizzying array of new technological developments that are reshaping our habits, practices, institutions, cultures and environments in increasingly rapid, complex and unpredictable ways. Robots smart enough to take white collar jobs, social media tools that manage our most important relationships, ordinary objects that track, record, analyze and share every detail of our daily lives, and biomedical techniques with the potential to transform and enhance human minds and bodies to an unprecedented degree.

As the Dalai Lama invites us to explore, what are the ethics for a new millennium?  In face of a coercive and divisive culture, does evoking a higher moral ground suffice for amplifying good? Most people have a intrinsic desire to do good, yet all humans fail in perplexing ways to do good. How will we decide norms of the next era, as we face unprecedented ethical dilemmas ranging from self-driving algorithms to Barbie dolls that archive conversations with your child to researchers who are performing gene modifications? While doctors take the Hippocratic oath, what is its equivalent for Silicon Valley engineers and Wall Street money managers? Is it possible to create systems that are tilted in the direction of greater generosity, inner transformation and compassion?

On Monday, April 24th, from 5-7PM, a few friends are having an informal conversation around these topics. Jacob Needleman is an elder who has spent a lifetime thinking on these topics. His most recent book on the topic is, Why Can't We Be Good? Professor R. Rajagopalan has taught at IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras for last 30 years, and has authored 16 books on the environment. And Doug Powers, who taught Berkeley high school for 40 years while also being active at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

We don't yet know the format and the location, but it'll likely be a "fish bowl" at the Berkeley monastery. If you're open to holding space for such emergence, RSVP below and we'll keep you posted with the details.  
WHERE:Berkeley, CA
HOST:Nipun Mehta

Sorry, this event is now closed.