OWL Global Wisdom Circle: Empowering Youth & Saving Wildlife in Kenya

WHEN: April 23, 2017, 9 AM Pacific

OWL Global Wisdom Circle:
Trish Sewe

A monthly video-circle for sharing wisdom, experience and support among global citizens everywhere.
Empowering Youth & Saving Wildlife in Kenya
In an environment that has been plagued by corruption, tribalism, insecurity, and unemployment, what does it take to inspire young people to dedicate themselves to building a positive future for themselves and their country? And in response to the relentless human slaughter of wildlife, what does it take to build a positive future for endangered animals?
Trish Sewe, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, is passionate about two things: Kenya's youth, and Kenya's wild animals. In 2015 she founded MimiNiChange, which aims to inspire and unite Kenyan youth and young adults -- regardless of age, class, education, gender, political affiliation, race, religion, status or tribe -- to shun tribalism, speak with one voice, and take charge of their own destinies as empowered leaders.
Trish works as a Communications Manager at WildlifeDirect, a non-profit focused on justice for wildlife, which runs legal, community, education & outreach projects, and a TV program, that aim to change hearts, minds and laws. WildlifeDirect holds a unique role in Kenya’s wildlife conservation efforts, having been widely recognized for its singular successes in engaging the people of Kenya to support the protection of elephants. Trish holds an M.A. in International Studies, and a B.A. in Communication & Sociology, from the University of Nairobi. More about Trish at her Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
Please join us for a conversation about courage and inspiration in working for a better world! Sunday, April 23, 2017, 9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time. You can find your corresponding local time at Time and Date. To join us for the videoconference, please RSVP below! We’ll get back to you with the details. 
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