Head, Heart, Hands Retreat (Spain)

WHEN: September 1, 2017, 3 days

“It's time to unite inner revolution with outer revolution”

#Change Makers #Heart Entrepreneurs #Inner Transformation and Social Change
#Community #Small Acts #More Kinds of Wealth
#Gift #Circles #Silence #Beauty


Hello friends!

Some of us are super charged after experiencing collective magic and beauty at Gandhi 3.0 in India! It was such an incredible experience to realize how people from so many different backgrounds, nationalities and worldview connect in the spirit of love and community. We are definitely unlocking a different kind of story. 🌍💞

In that same spirit we are inviting you to be part of our next gathering in Spain! 1st,  2nd, and 3d September we will gather for 3 days in a beautiful village of Villasur de Herreros.

The idea is to-gather ;) and co-create a sacred space to meet each other where we are, support our journeys, and ignite our potentialities in our paths of service to humanity. Intention is to generate reflection (head), action (hands) and love (heart) that might light up or regenerate our individual and collective journeys.

Basically we want to Be the Change and promote a cultural transition from competition to cooperation, from isolation to community, from transaction to trust and from scarcity to abundance. Our collective potential is yet to discover :).

Every gathering is different because people make it happen. Every gathering has it's own surprises and amazing experiences of community and kindness :) Here more information (spanish), and here some stories of a previous retreat. Similar retreats happen in India every month :)

We would really love to have you with us this time :).

If you are interested let us know (joserra@servicespace.org) ! We will bring more information to you after this :) And here you can check for more opportunities in the future.


The volunteers

WHERE:Villasur de Herreros, Burgos
HOST:Joserra Gonzales

Sorry, this event is now closed.