Nonprofit Guinness World Record Attempt

WHEN: March 28, 2017, 9:30am-12pm
WHAT: Albert EinsteinWe're looking for volunteers in Toronto to help us with launching our nonprofit organization's (The Albert Einstein Foundation) educational competition entitled "The Next Einstein".

"The Next Einstein" is a search for an idea that can change the world, eligible for entry by anyone 13 or older — with a $10,000 prize awarded to the winner.

 We've partnered with Toronto's innovation hub MaRS Discovery District who will host our attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Albert Einstein" on Tuesday, March 28th.

The record is currently set at 304 people. We've already reached out to local schools and they're happily sending along a few hundred students as a field trip day at MaRS; add in our grassroots/media outreach and we're looking to hit about 600 participants for the new record. As such we're looking for volunteers to assist us with logistics/crowd control the morning of the attempt.

Duties include:
  • Volunteers will serve as our official Guinness "Stewards"; you will be responsible for:
    • -Overseeing a group of no more than 50 people, ensuring their costumes are in order and that they are in position during the full attempt (5 minutes)
      -Disqualifying anyone not properly costumed from our official tally
      and assisting our Guinness "Witnesses" with their official"record count
      -If comfortable, posing for photography/videography (so that we can get the counting process clearly on video both for live media hits and official evidence submission)

    Volunteers will additionally need to fill out a one-sheeter summarizing what they saw/did during the attempt and would be officially considered part of the attempt/record!

Those interested in volunteering should apply directly to Chris Sarpong —

Would love to have your help! 
WHERE:MaRS Discovery District (101 College St, Toronto, Ontario, Canad
HOST:Chris Sarpong

Sorry, this event is now closed.