Cultivating Compassion Quotient

WHEN: November 28, 2016, 5:30PM-7:00P
WHAT: We are overjoyed that the tenth Principal’s Round Table (PRT), brought to you by Poorna Pune and Education Today Society Tomorrow, will be an address by Nipun Mehta. We extend this invitation to all heads of schools and educational institutes, teachers, all those working in education and people interested in joining us in this work.

On Monday, November 28th, we will meet from 5:30-7PM at Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School auditorium.  To join please RSVP below.

Compassion Quotient (CQ) is one's capacity to act in service even when it may not offer any immediate or visible benefit. For instance, when Julio Diaz gets robbed of his wallet and pro-actively offers his jacket to the robber, it is an expression of his compassion quotient. In today world, we are optimized for IQ and in recent years, there has been a lot of talk about EQ (emotional quotient), but we have very limited frameworks for CQ.

At a personal level, can classrooms bring in mindfulness practices that sensitize us and reduce bullying?  At an interpersonal and social level, how can we build empathy and greater tolerance?  What is the scientific basis of compassion -- and can it be taught or does it bloom naturally?  Does exposure to modern technology make these values more accessible or does it fragment our experience of life?  At a more systemic level, how do we build the foundation for a secural ethics?

If these questions interest you, and you'd like to explore practical ways to amplify CQ in the world, please join us.  We will start our circle with a short meditation followed by some dialogue.

About Speaker: Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an incubator that leverages technology for ‘labor of love’ projects. At the age of 24, Nipun quit his job to become a "full time volunteer." What started as an experiment with friends is now a global ecosystem of over 500,000 members. Nipun has received awards like Dalai Lama’s Unsung Hero of Compassion award and in 2015, President Obama appointed him to a council on poverty and equality. Nipun’s speech at UPenn commencement was read by millions. Nipun's mission statement in life reads: "Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart."  More here.

To join, simply RSVP below with your email and we'll send you the details as we get closer.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Vijayam Kartha – 07276420552 or Mrs. Urmila Samson – 9422330377.
WHERE:Erandavane, Pune
HOST:Vijayam Kartha

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