Awakin London One Day Retreat

WHEN: May 07, 2016 05:00 PM
WHAT: "Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.” Buddha

You're invited to go within at our upcoming Awakin London One-Day Retreat. ‚Äč
About the Retreat...
Retreats are a unique opportunity to step away from our daily routines and offer ourselves some time to reflect, cultivate and serve in the company of noble friends who share our commitment to being the change we wish to see. In that spirit, we offer you this one-day retreat as a gift, which will take place in Mill Hill, (North West London) on Sunday, May 8th from 9:30am-6:00pm.

During the course of the day, we plan to sit together in silence for an hour at the beginning to ground ourselves and again at the end of the day. In between, we will reflect on our own journeys, serve others selflessly, and cultivate gratitude collectively for all of the gifts we are blessed with each day.

Please RSVP here below if you would like to join us for this upcoming Awakin London One-Day Retreat (the sooner the better) :) in order to help us organise all of the sessions and meals throughout the day. All of the details you need will be sent to you ahead of the gathering, a little nearer to the time. If you are unable to attend after you have RSVP'ed, kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can adjust plans accordingly.

As always, these types of gatherings are offered in the spirit of service. If you are moved to contribute in any way to help set-up, prepare food/snacks, clean-up afterwards, etc, please send me an email at
Past Retreats...
For those who haven't attended past retreats in London, you can read more about them and see photos from these articles that were shared describing our collective experiences:
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WHERE:Mill Hill, North West London

Sorry, this event is now closed.