Cultivating Compassion Quotient with Students

WHEN: May 29, 2015 05:00 PM
WHAT: On Saturday, May 30, ServiceSpace volunteers are hosting a day-long retreat on igniting the spirit of transformation and compassion in education.

This retreat will be a deeper-dive into our experiments with values-based education. We'll share stories and stillness, engage in activities that build community amongst each other, and reflect on subtle values embedded in moments of teaching and learning. 

We're delighted to hold space with a vibrant crew-- from college students to veteran trailblazers, like:
  • Our host Ward, who's decades of values-based learning have collaborated with Bill Moyers, Desmond Tutu, and the Dalai Lama
  • Mary Roscoe and her 30+ years sustaining gift economy tuition
  • Prof. Shariq, whose research at Stanford spurred a collaboratory for global dialogue on self-understanding
  • Prasad Kaipa, whose Smart to Wise Leadership has infused institutions from Indian School of Business to a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Institute to Saybrook Grad School
  • Social entrepreneurs like Min and Alam who've designed games to teach kids the deeper values in capital
  • Alexa Bach, who's nurturing a kids compassion project while Driving Leadership into the Good Economy
  • Steady giftivists like NipunPancho, a labor-of-love local posse, crew of volunteers
  • And many, many more... :)
Ultimately, by amplifying the inner transformation element of education, we hold space both to engage with it more deeply in our own lives and see what emergence has in store as we cross-pollinate ideas, experiences, and insights!

For more context, over the years, various folks in the ecosystem have been experimenting to draw out deeper values in learning. Few months back, folks in the Bay Area convened for a Circle on Education, which has spilled over into an array of ripples-- from a newsletter on Teaching+Transformation to Jane's school-wide experiments in kindness to Bradley's 21-day Teacher Kindness Challenge, various micro-moments of grace and gratitude, and beyond.

What is Compassion Quotient?
Lot of today's dominant paradigm is optimized for intellectual quotient (IQ) -- and we have many standardized tests to measure it. In recent years, we've seen the rise of emotional quotient (EQ), that is defined as an individual's capacity to engage with one's emotions and empathize with another's. However, we'd like propose a third metric to broaden the conversation: compassion quotient (CQ), which is one's capacity to act in service even when it may not offer any immediate or visible benefit. For instance, when Julio Diaz get robbed of his wallet and pro-actively offers his jacket to the robber, it is an expression of his compassion quotient. More: Compassion as a Basic Global Ethic

How Can We Amplify CQ?
Gandhi offered a trilogy of "hands, head and heart" and suggested that we, as individuals and cultures, should first align those elements and ultimately learn to lead with the heart. Today, we have many vocational schools that amplify the work of hands, many think-tanks that operate with IQ of the head, but we have very limited frameworks to amplify CQ. Perhaps that is because compassion's effect is distributed -- in time and space -- and hence hard to quantify and monetize? ServiceSpace ecosystem is holding this question in various circles, and supporting various experiments to generate a cultural dialogue around it. More: Generosity Entrepreneurship
WHERE:Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA
HOST:Audrey Lin

Sorry, this event is now closed.