Permaculture Activism in the part of the Earth we call Japan: Giftivism (Artivism & Compassion) @ Casa de Paz

WHEN: November 9, 2014, 6pm-9pm
WHAT: I was introduced to brother Kai by love magicians Yuka and Guri. I met this brother when he visited Casa de Paz at the Canticle Farm in East Oakalnd and we fell inlove :-) Here'e a note, with some edits ;-), from sister Wakana, a very close friend of brother Kai:

[We'll start, in Casa de Paz, with an hour of receptive silence/meditation starting at 6pm and then...]

A revolutionary permaculture activist in the part of the Planet we call Japan, brother Kai Sawyer, is coming to the East Bay. Born in that part of the Earth, and raised in different parts of the globe we call California, Hawaii, and Japan, Kai bridges people and culture between the places with their cultures of the Planet we call Japan and the U.S.A.

He will do a presentation (including movement) based on people's interest followed by a discussion. We will explore hot topics in the part of the Planet Japan and experiments to create movement. He will share the complexities of the nuclear meltdown. The presenter, Kai Sawyer, will share personal stories while shedding light on the complexity of what this part of the Earth faces. Come find out about the most recent heart-breaking and hopeful developments in Japan.

Brotehr Kai Sawyer is a permaculture activist living in Tokyo and runs two blogs, Living Permaculture and Tokyo Urban Permaculture. He is active along the Pacific Rim doing permaculture, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), sustainability activism, and zen. While teaching urban permaculture and NVC in Tokyo, Kai stages unique actions such as guerrilla seed planting and meditation flash mobs in the heart of Tokyo. He is also the founder of Power Shift Japan, that aims to create 100% renewable energy powered universities, and The Future Japan, a globally coordinated youth climate movement.

For more information visit: Living Permaculture

For Kai’s TEDx talk on “Stopping”, visit: An invitation to stop: Kai Sawyer at TEDxTodai

Kai's Tokyo Urban Permaculture website (regularly updated, Japanese)

Tokyo Urban Permaculture Book Project and crowd funding
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WHERE:Casa de Paz @ The Canticle Farm. 1978 36th ave, Oakland, 94601.
HOST:Pancho Ramos Stierle

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