Awakin Talks: An Evening of Inspiration

WHEN: February 8, 2014, 4.30PM-8PM
WHAT: We live in a world that is driven by a narratives ranging from accumulation, to impact-oriented development to technology that’s designed for machinist lifestyles. While some of these paradigms have brought us convenience and have been instrumental in uplifting the lives of billions, we find that the shift towards the external and the tangible also has it's limitations.

In the society driven by numbers, we find there is a need to honour the subtle, the undefined and the essence of our human existence. When we look at the lives of Gandhi, Mandela and Mother Teresa, we see how they have brought about sustainable impact over the decades. When we look closer, we find it was a result of constantly honouring the micro-moments of transformation in their journey.

While these souls have been inspirations for countless beings and are one in a million, we might also find that divinity in our very own local context. In our very own neighbourhood we see inspirational people who exhibit this very same divinity, albeit on a smaller scale. They key, of course, is to seek and amplify the subtle and small all those around us. With the gifts of capital and technology that the 21st century provides us, we have built the capacity to harness these seemingly small acts and foster a narrative that can create systemic change.

To facilitate this we intend to bring together 7 diverse, inspirational souls for the inaugural Awakin Talks gathering on February 8th, 2014. With a selected audience of 300 people, we hope to create a space for sharing of authentic, transformational inner journeys of our speakers. Through their micro-moments of transformation we hope that the ripples will go out and create transformation in our very own lives.

To join, please RSVP below and we'll send you details as soon as they get finalized.   
WHERE:Khar, Bombay
HOST:Sachi Maniar

Sorry, this event is now closed.