An Introduction to Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy

Oct 22, 2021 09:30 AM
WHAT: Join us for a 75 minute introduction to Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy with Zita van Wees and Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland!

About Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY):
Critical Alignment is a form of yoga therapy that systematically reveals areas of stress and tension in our body. CAY exercises mobilize the spine, release muscular tension and restore our innate mobility and strength. By working through stiff areas, you are facing not only your habitual patterns and physical structure, but also the way in which you interact with yourself and the world around you. Becoming conscious about these patterns opens up a freeway to release blockages and stuck emotions. The result is a feeling of freedom, lightness and spaciousness in the body and the mind; a feeling of being more at ease. 

Session Focus: 
This session will offer an introduction to the CAY approach, and a demonstration of practices using one of its key props: The black strip. This simple prop makes powerful use of gravity and body weight to work precisely along the spine. This session will demonstrate how to identify and release restrictions in and around the upper back and neck using the strip (or makeshift substitute), to regain openness and ease in the chest. For those who spend long hours working in front of a screen, these exercises can be a pivotal way to address postural issues and re-awaken the natural intelligence of the spine. [Note: It is not necessary to have the strip to attend this session. All are welcome.]

About The Teachers:
Zita van Wees
is a mover at heart. At a young age, she started dancing, which provided her a sense of aliveness. Later on, she sought other forms of movement. After various injuries and a chronic illness, she eventually turned to yoga to reconnect her to her wholeness. Since 2008, Zita has been studying Critical Alignment with its founder Gert van Leeuwen in Amsterdam. She currently lives with her family in the Bay Area, USA, where she teaches CAY classes, along with 1:1 therapy sessions. Her drive is to support people who face chronic injuries and discomfort due to habitual posture issues & stress patterns.

Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland offers yoga practices for self-empowerment - supporting her students to return back to their aware self through movement and stillness. Yoga has been a part of her life since 1994, and her passion turned into her profession in 2004.
Part of her work is supporting women with breast cancer through nourishing yoga practices. She lives in Bonn, Germany with her family, is presently in partnership with the Forum Wolfgarten, where she teaches classes to women who are in the acute phase of receiving Breast Cancer treatment. She regularly incorporates CAY practices into her various yoga classes and workshops. 

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HOST:Pavi Mehta

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