New State of PC Game in Alpha Testing - Step by Step Guide

Jul 31, 2021 02:56 AM
State of War is the follow up to PUB Guns. It is a RTS-MOBA hybrid game where you have to utilize your teamwork in order to annihilate waves of enemies on all sides of the map while unlocking upgrades for your character and weaponry. This game is all about teamwork, best to be play on top gaming PC as you have to help your team defend itself against waves of enemy soldiers who are quickly approaching your position. The cool thing about it is that there are various ways to play the game, and every player is responsible for his own gameplay style and has several game modes to choose from. Ultimately, PUBG: State of War is all about teamwork, and you have to use your people, weapons, and vehicles in order to dominate the opposing teams.
The concept behind PUBG:
State of War is simple. You're in a sci-fi environment, which is heavily influenced by the future world of PUBG, a military grade simulator game. The premise is very similar to that of the original game, but with a twist - the game takes place in the year 20 1951. Everything that was depicted in the first game is now a part of the futuristic milieu, and all players are required to wear the uniforms of the time.
The developers at PUBG:
State of War, namely Stainless Games, took this concept one step further by adding a number of features that truly make PUBG: State of War a unique title. For example, instead of being restricted to a small selection of weapons and attacks, players are now able to equip their characters with a wide array of weapons customisation options, which give them the ability to create a completely unique playing experience every single time. Some of the options include an extensive list of different weapon types, from automatic rifles to light armour guns and even personal anti-vehicle devices.
As mentioned previously, players are now able to customise their character before they start the game, and the option to pre-register for the beta gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. This includes unlimited access to an interactive training area where you can learn how to use each and every PUBG: State of War weapon, as well as numerous tips on how to play the game correctly. Unlocking the secret of the developer's long-term strategy is also included, allowing you to learn exactly what makes a battle turn the slightest bit in your favour. As if that wasn't enough, players are also allowed to purchase an unlimited amount of PUBG skins for use in-game, giving them access to an entire range of unique items, including vehicles, emblems and even limited vehicle skin.
Gaming Modes:
In addition to everything that we mentioned above, PUBG: New State of War also boasts some brand new features not seen in any other version of the original. For example, one of the major decisions made in the game is to implement a "mission system" into the game. Players are tasked with completing objectives within certain time-frames in order to earn rewards. For example, the player is allowed to select a "missions" tab which contains a list of jobs that must be completed within certain time periods. Complete all missions and you will receive a "level up" icon which increases your overall score.
Another popular feature is the inclusion of the "army" mode, which allows the player to experience the thrill of battle straight from the trenches. Alpha tests showed that this mode offers a more dynamic experience than the current single-player design. While the army feature is only available for a select number of android users, it's still an impressive touch to have the option to take on an army of opponents in close combat just like how real soldiers do it. A popular video featuring this alpha test can be found below.
The latest addition to the alpha stage is the "PUBG: New State of Defense." The alpha version of this highly-awaited mobile title has already been downloaded by a large portion of the PUBG community. A new pre-launch video showcased several exciting features, such as the ability to build a tower which towers over any opponents in the game. Additionally, a new element has been added to the game: buildings. They are now able to be captured and occupied by players who have already captured an opponent's flag. A new ranking system has also been implemented, which is based on how many PUBG players can actively contribute to the overall game. Servicespace blogs have many great articles related to gaming.
As the alpha testing phase continues, we expect a few more exciting additions to the final product. One notable addition is the "season" element, which will provide different challenges throughout each season. Another is the ability to transfer money between accounts. Another is the ability to see other players' achievements and build your own. There is still no word on whether or not the New State of Defense will be launching for free on the Android Market at some point during the beta testing stage. In the meantime, we'll continue to update you on all the new information on PUBG: New State of Defense. Visit servicespace for more.