Healing Intention Circle

Dec 08, 2021 10:00 AM
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Max Planck said there is a field of energy that holds everything in this universe together and and he called it 'The Matrix'. Einstein defined this field as the sole governing agency of the particle. This field is made of electrical and magnetic energies. Infinite possibilities exist in this field. With our minds we reach into those possibilities. We imagine our healing, abundance and transformation and that is how we lock that possibility in place. Through the feelings of our hearts we breathe life into the image of our mind. Belief is the union of thought and emotion. It is the code that translates possibilities into reality.  

In Healing Intention Circles, a group of people come together with connected hearts and focus on one positive intention coupled with coherent emotion (energy in motion). They hold an energetic space to bring about the desired healing and transformation. This participation in unfolding the reality that new science recognizes, has been used in many ancient traditions.

Submit any area of your life that needs support to be improved and bask in the love and oneness in this circle.
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Who is this program for?
Anyone who feels Stuck, Sick or is seeking healing and transformation in one or more areas in life to live life to the fullest in peace, in power and in joy.
HOST:Negin Khorasani