Making Your Power Point Presentation Layout Selection

Apr 23, 2021 09:00 AM
WHAT: A power point presentation is one where a business or a product is laid out in front of an audience, and a series of slides are shown. This presentation typically includes the company's logo and the name of the product, along with a description and some key points about the item that will be discussed. Throughout the presentation the presenter will be speaking very slowly, so as to get the most out of the audience. However, if one's listening skills aren't up to par, then the slow talking might get to be a distraction to those listening. For this reason it's important to practice with some handouts and a guide to help make sure that no one gets distracted by the speed of the presentation.

Another problem that many people run into when making a power point presentation is not being sure about where exactly their hands should be at certain times during the presentation. It can be tricky to keep your hands on your lap while your back is turned, but it's also good to have your hands at the side of your head, rather than out in front of you. This way you can see if your audience member is struggling, and you can stop the presentation right there and try to smooth out whatever issue is occurring. If you're making a presentation for an audience of one, it's much better to keep one's hands off the floor and behind the podium unless absolutely necessary.

As one makes his or her PowerPoint presentation layout selections, he or she should keep the most important things in mind. Remember that the layout is simply the beginning, and once everything is in place, the most important part of the presentation is going to be the way that you convey your message to the audience. So before you even begin to make the actual PowerPoint presentation, sit down and write out your message in words and if you can not you can require help. Have someone you know who can listen to you speak to take notes on what you're saying. Not only is this process much more effective than simply winging it, but it's also more thorough.
HOST:Elsa Avend

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