Learning Circle for Awakin Host & Moderator Team

Apr 18, 2021 09:00 AM
WHAT: Many of us have been in conversations where a skillful mix of inquiry, presence, and resonance allows insights to emerges that border on the sacred.  These live moments are often the sparks that ignite 'aha moments' for our listeners and highlight the clarity and luminosity that has animated pivotal points in the journeys of most of our guests.  How can we collectively become better instruments to invite this kind of light into these conversations we hold?  What are the key principles and best practices that catalyze the possibility of transformative moments for listeners, guests, and our team alike?

We're excited to invite past and potential Awakin Calls hosts and moderators to join us for a learning circle where we work together towards enhancing our capacities for transformative conversations.   If you'd like to step up your game and hear about the tried and true art and science from some of the amazing members of our team, please join us for learning circle for Awakin Call hosts and moderators.
HOST:Rahul Brown