Closer To The Heart

Jan 23, 2021 02:00 PM

Closer To The Heart is a circle of sharing that has formed around the film Teach Me To Be WILD. Filmmakers Anne Veh and Rajesh Krishnan will be present to open the circle and participate in Q&A at the end of the event.

Teach Me To Be Wild is a documentary about hurt children and their animal healers. The film explores the work of a sanctuary in Northern California, where a team of injured, non-releasable wild animals become Wild-Teachers and are helping heal generations of hurt children (at-risk teens, justice-involved youth, foster kids and others). The traumatic histories of the creatures, who range from an Andean condor to a two-toed sloth, often parallel those of the at-risk children who visit. Unexpected and empathic connections are forged that ripple into stories of transformation. Founded by Steve Karlin, a former park ranger and television personality whose greatest mentors were a 330-pound American black bear and a pair of robins, Wildlife Associates aims to recall us to our true place in Nature’s web. Filmed over a period of three years with intimate access to the animals, their caregivers, workshop facilitators and their spirited students, Teach Me to Be WILD captures the magic that transpires where wounded children and their Wild Teachers meet.

Our purpose in bringing this circle together is to illuminate and amplify the profound ways the animal kingdom opens human hearts. As we innovate social change, the wisdom of the animal kingdom and nature is invaluable, and I dare say, necessary. Nature and the animal kingdom provide wisdom for humanity to reconnect with the aspect of themselves that innately knows harmony with life. When we listen as both individuals and communities, we can bring our outer worlds into greater harmony as well.

The film itself becomes the metaphoric campfire around which we gather. Our circle of sharing is an opportunity to explore your own feelings in response to the film, to share your inspiration for reconnecting humanity with nature, and to bring your own heart and voice forward in the embrace of compassionate listeners.

When you RSVP, you'll receive a confirmation right away. Then, a few days before the event, you'll receive the link to the film. We suggest that you watch the documentary just a day or two before our circle of sharing so it's fresh in your mind and your heart. Of course, you are welcome to watch it at any time, but having it fresh in your awareness for the sharing may be very rich.

We will use a "fishbowl" format for this circle. The first hour of the event will be a circle of sharing with a core group of participants. All who RSVP will be present and watching/listening, but it will be the core group you will hold space for through their sharing on video. When the core group sharing is complete, the zoom call will open up to bring in all participants on live video. Once everyone is visible, we will begin the Q&A portion of the call.

The event is officially scheduled for 90 minutes, and we will have an official closing minute of silence at 3:30pm Pacific time. For those who wish to stay connected and sharing beyond 3:30, we will have a more informal sharing until 4:00pm Pacific time.
HOST:Kerri Lake

Sorry, this event is now closed.