MBL Laddership Pod: Final Call

Sep 19, 2020 08:00 AM
WHAT: Thank you for completing Week 4!  Oh wait, could this be our last call?!?

After diving into our projects, this week focused on the edges around community -- how diverse is our network across weak, strong and noble friendships? Does our quality of motivation affect the depth of relationships? How do we build bridges instead of barriers and cultivate spaces of belonging? What do we do when our singular efficiency erodes our collective resiliency? When is it skillful to draw boundaries for self-care and when should we risk our safety for expanding into greater inclusion?

Thank you, not only for your big hearts, but also for courageously translating that love into action. Through all your posts and responses, it feels as if we're just completing a pilgrimage to change the nature of our questions and to discover a giant canvas of possibility. 

As we start to round down to our call conclusion, we invite you to join a FINAL virtual call with other participants. 
HOST:Audrey Lin

Sorry, this event is now closed.