Poetry Circle

WHEN: August 1, 2020, 8:30pm - 10:30pm PT
WHAT: We gather to read and listen to poems in all languages with impromptu translations. The circle will be opened by Abhay Shetty this week.

When asked to say a few words about himself Abhay said that he doesn’t know who he really is. He has a feeling he knew something at some point. But when he arrived at the next point, which itself arrived too rapidly, the knowledge he had of himself became obsolete. Too many of these points have arrived in his life without invitation. Like in the case of any other life. He doesn’t remember much, in spite of trying. He thinks this could be because he has too much coffee. (Strangely, he remembers to have coffee) He has a doubt this could also be due to alcohol. If you are wondering about it then please be sure that he does not mix coffee and alcohol. (He insisted on clarifying) Then he looked out of the window. I think this was the point when he plunged into existential crisis.

He asked me, “Who are you?”
I thought he doesn’t remember, like he said he often doesn’t, so I said, “ I’m your friend. Remember?”
“I know that. But do you know who you are?”
“I’m Bakhsh Gordaz.”
“That’s your name. My question is who are you? Who are we all? What are we doing here? We all have names, we have professions and degrees, but that has nothing to do with who we are.”
“But all of that is related to who you are!”
“Beware. You are falling into the trap of language and words.”

This was the point when I plunged into existential crisis.

The long silence troubled me so I said, “You have said so much and yet nothing about yourself. Please say something about poetry, at least.”

“What can I say about poetry? Poems say about poetry. I’ll try to say poems. And when I do that, hopefully one of the wise listeners can, from my words, tell me who I am.”

Then he offered me a drink, and I refused. Because I was in no mood to listen to his philosophical ramblings. Next day I sent him this text to see if he’s okay with what is being published. If he wants any changes. He said, “There is only one Truth.”

Sometimes talking to him gives me a headache. (This line was added later. Don’t worry, he’s not going to read this.)

In spite of the fact that I’ve known him for long, like you, the reader (if there is any), I too am filled with questions. If you wish to find answers come watch him recite some poetry. I’ll stop here as I need to think who I really am.

- Abhay’s anonymous friend.

P.S: Please don’t Google ‘Bakhsh Gordaz’. It’s not my real name. Nor is it my pseudonym. It was used only for storytelling purposes. If you ever come across a person by that name please refrain from mentioning what you just read.

Hope to see and hear you in the circle. 
WHERE:Online from California

Sorry, this event is now closed.