French Gang Invites You To -- Deep Talk with Audrey Lin!

WHEN: May 22, 2020 05:00 PM
WHAT: Dear Friends,

Every so often, our "French Gang" of young people gathers for a "Deep Talk" with everyday heroes who we feel are walking their talk.

On Saturday, May 23rd @ 5:30PM Paris time (8:30AM PST, 9PM IST -- convert your timezone!), we invite you to join us for a conversation with one such person -- Audrey Lin.

Love letters on flower shaped sticky notes, vegan chocolate chip cookies that can turn anyone into a cookie monster, a sunburst smile that will light up even the wariest of hearts, and a million and one acts of invisible kindness – there is no simple way to capture the boundless spirit of Audrey Lin

Yet some of the world's most celebrated luminaries, ranging from billionaires to celebrities to even a Nobel Laureate, have attended her Laddership Circles. Her most recent project, KarunaVirus, is spreading stories of inspired compassion to hundreds of thousands. Graduate of UC Berkeley, Audrey has traveled the world, lived at a monastery for six months, taught at schools, and engaged in a wide ranging activities. She "works" more than 70 hours a week, but she feels no impulse to charge for her labor, and doesn't seem to burn out. A highly respected Gandhian elder in his 80s, Arun Dada, once declared, "Her name should be Old Tree." Underneath her endearing joy, her untiring mind, and her big-hearted compassion is something very ancient indeed.

Join us for an intimate, virtual conversation with Audrey as we grill her with candid questions like -- what were your childhood dream? Was there a turning point in your life? What does service mean to you? How do you handle insecurities? What is the secret of your regeneration? What inspires you? What role does meditation play in your life? Is there a destination you want to reach? Do you get overwhelmed by the great suffering in the world?  And a lot more.

To attend, simply RSVP below, and we'll send you details as we get closer!
HOST:Olivier Chhu

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