Breakout: Service Journeys in our Circles

WHEN: May 15, 2020 05:00 PM
WHAT: Now, in the last third of our Spring Laddership Circles, a question that some of you have been asking: What is the story behind our circle anchors?! :)

Volunteers in our circles have journeyed through some shining stories of innovation and impact, in fields of business and law, media and medicine, education and community-building. They might have achieved heights of conventional success, and also, at some point along the way, questions surfaced, propelling them into diverse experiments of designing for inner transformation, and leading with love. In our circles, the volunteers have been the ones asking all the questions. So, this Saturday, in a special bonus conversation, we're turning the tables and inviting them to reflect on their experiences!

What have they learned from their journey? What insights might they offer along the winding, unpredictable path of inner transformation? What questions and experiments are they holding around gift ecology and designs?

This Saturday, May 16th @7:30AM PDT (convert timezone), we'll be hosting a bonus 90-minute call to dive deeper into these questions and more, with a few of our circle anchors! And you're invited. :) To join, RSVP below!

For example, did you know ...

Parag Shah, one of the leading entrepreneurs in his industry, started a company with 2500 employees (that has done some unique experiments in behavior change), as well as started an IB school with 1500 students! Yet he describes his journey as a ROE: from "Return on Equity" (as a businessman) to "Return on Ego" (as a philanthropist) to "Return on Equanimity" (in selfless service).

Jane Murray has spent decades as a commercial lawyer, specializing in venture capital and running a venture capital fund in Gibraltar. In 2016, she courageously launched a labor-of-love startup that invites greater interconnection, self awareness, and is innovating around kindness capital (as Julia mentioned and is working on). Fun fact: through insight timer, 250K people have listened to her voice, and been prompted to meditate from it. :)

Or that, in 1994, Bill Stewart founded an Institute for Health and Healing, whose work touches 50K people a year, even at times when it ran against the current of conventional medicine. As a surgeon, he's also authored books, like Deep Medicine, collaborated closely with Aravind Eye Hospital and their innovative creative constraints, and more. :)

Marius Luca is nurturing a vibrant community in Romania. A social-emotional learning teacher by day, last year, he and his team hosted a conference on "Cultivating Compassion Quotient" with entry options that included multiple forms of capital "untickets"! He host Awakin Circles and moves hearts with his sincerity of spirit.

Colin Johnson is a design thinker, shaper, entrepreneur and "constructor of cathedrals" who recently finished reading Gandhi's autobiography. :)

Our conversation will be moderated by Lucas Stürzenhofecker, from France and Austria -- a musician of 2 decades, entrepreneur for fifteen years, meditator and practicing Buddhist of 30+ years. Among his labors of love include spearheading a network platform and multimedia library to foster collective learning and realize our intrinsic connectedness.

To join, RSVP below, and we'll send you details as we get closer!                 
HOST:Audrey Lin

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