Story Circle: Saree and Sartorial Stories to Share and Connect

WHEN: March 28, 2020, 8pm PST
WHAT: Join a virtual circle where we tell stories to connect. Come to share a story or just listen to others. The theme is your favorite clothing/fabric. Ladies are invited to dress up in our favorite saree to tell us a story about it (what is the fabric, weave, design, origin, who made it, who gave it to you, why it is your favorite, whatever personal story you have to offer). Gents are invited to dress in their party best and bring their own saratorial stories (frocks your mom made for you wear as a baby, Modi-suit personally woven specially for you, working in a kurta as you work-from-home, or whatever). Kids over 10 are welcome and can tell stories of their favorite toys and games if they don't have a fabric/clothing story (Have you ever worn an Indian dress to school in California?).   

Sorry, this event is now closed.