#3pmFridays Peacebeam Together

WHEN: April 8, 2020, 3pm London
WHAT: We are all living, together, through the unfolding of unimaginable change.

Chaos wakes up our need for connection and community. This pandemic has shown us in a very tangible way how profoundly connected we all are, and how interdependent we all are. These connections are visible and invisible, there are physical networks and non physical networks and it is the non-physical network – our innernet that we will rely on in these days. It is through our innernet that our thoughts and emotions move. We can communicate fear or love, despair or hope, selfishness or compassion through this network.

And in this great pause, these strange days when our world has become quiet, when our busyness has stopped, when the rollercoaster of planes, trains, shopping and socializing, moving and buying is silent, we can reach out to each other with our tenderness and compassion, with our words of kindness and support with our gentle listening and most of all, with our hearts full of goodwill to all.

Join us at 3pm every Friday to meditate together and dedicate the practice to unrestricted good for all beings. If you would like a guided meditation to listen to - you can find one here, but it's not necessary - just bring your Heart and your practice :-)) 

WHERE:Wherever you are!
HOST:Jane Murray