Evening with a Himalayan Mystic -- Sri M!

WHEN: September 18, 2019, 7PM-10PM
WHAT: We invite you to our weekly Awakin Circle, this Wednesday, with Sri M as our guest speaker!

Sri M was born as Mumtaz Ali to a Sufi Muslim family from Kerala.  At age 9, he received spiritual initiation from a yogi who appeared in his backyard.  By age 19, he ventured off to the Himalayas in search of a true Master, eventually finding Maheshwarnath Babaji — the very same yogi he encountered in his boyhood.  After extensive training and travel through the Himalayas with his teacher, he met his Master’s Master (also known as the legendary Babaji).  Sri M’s phenomenal life story is captured in his autobiography, which has sold millions of copies internationally.

Receiving instructions from his teachers to return to the plains and start a family, he left the Himalayas after three and a half years to prepare for his life’s mission. Along the way, he met spiritual teachers and saints from all traditions (including Neem Karoli Baba and J. Krishnamurti) and became a spokesperson for interfaith harmony (in dialogue with leaders like Dalai Lama and Pope Francis).

Few years ago, he embarked on a Walk of Hope -- a 500-day, 4,600 mile walking pilgrimage to rekindle interfaith harmony, equality, and a sense of shared humanity.  With daily meetings with local leaders and communities, his message touched millions of lives across the regions he’s walked through and continues to transform lives with many concurrent ongoing projects.

We're grateful that Sri M will be able to visit join our local Awakin Circle, in our humble living room, :) for an evening of meditation, stories and dialgoue!

If you'd like to join, please RSVP below. You'll hear more details by September, and priority will be given to regular Awakin Circle attendees, but we will also live-stream the event for those who are waitlisted.  Thank you for the opportunity to host.
WHERE:Santa Clara, CA
HOST:Dinesh Mehta