Being the Change, Changes the Being by Nipun Mehta, Warsaw, Poland

WHEN: June 25, 2019, 7:30 pm
WHAT: Being the Change, Changes the Being
Join us for an inspiring gathering with Nipun Mehta, whose award-winning work to encourage everyday generosity has touched millions of lives around the world.

Flying in the face of conventional economic theory, which assumes people only want to maximise their self interest, Nipun and his team create inspiring projects which assume that people want to behave selflessly. Their work encourages all of us to stop asking "what can I get?" and start asking instead "what can I contribute?".
Nipun will share stories of how humble experiments in everyday generosity have gone on to create significant ripples of change around the world. Like Karma Kitchen, the restaurant with no prices on the menu, where your bill has already been paid by a previous diner and you are invited to donate for the diners after you!  He'll also explain how being generosity can unlock a profound inner transformation in each of us - or as Nipun likes to say: "being the change, changes the being". It turns out that generosity may just be the perfect prescription not just for stronger communities but for happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives for all of us.
WHERE:Stara Galeria ZPAF, Plac Zamkowy 8, Warsaw
HOST:Iwona Khandro