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Sachi Maniar: Blooming Where Planted Posted by Audrey Lin, Jul 04 2013 “Today, what I believe is my truth for today. Tomorrow, it may change, but at least if that’s what I believe today, I should give it my all,” Sachi tells us. Every once in awhile, you might meet someone who’s really seeking something more out of life. Who asks questions that are so genuine, it disarms you. Or who lives so wholeheartedly, it makes you wonder about your own life choices. Sachi Maniar is one of those people. In this Awakin Call moderated by Amit and Rahul, our own Sachmo (as she is lovingly called) reflects candidly on the trials and tribulations of living a life aligned to service. Amit: In 2003, you had traveled to the war-torn areas of Jammu and Kashmir, and you ended up shooting your first documentary film out there, under some v

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