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On Vivekananda, Tracelessness, Work, And Impurity Posted by Preeta Bansal, Mar 27 2015 In working to put together some bios for some beautiful upcoming Awakin call guests, I've been struck by how many beautiful souls live their lives without a digital trace, or little of one, and how privileged I feel to be able to work to try and assemble their stories into something so prosaic as a biographical narrative -- helping to bring forth some of their ideas and visions and ways of being to the world. This all has reminded me of a beautiful passage about work and impurity, tracelessness and purity from Vivekananda, in Karma Yoga:   "The greatest men in the world have passed away unknown. The​ Buddhas and the Christs that we know are but second-rate heroes in comparison with the greatest men of whom the world knows nothing. Hundreds of these unknown

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