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Education Is GNH: Learning To Nurture Our Hearts Posted by Tim Huang, Jan 28 2015 In 1972, the small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan adopted the philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH), a holistic approach to development that moves beyond GDP and takes into account shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, cultural preservation, and other factors that are essential to human well-being. And while I cannot speak to the manifestation of Gross National Happiness as the complex policy tool or index that it is in the government’s eyes today, I can speak about my lessons on GNH at a more simple, human level – in the heart-felt and empowering education of young people in Bhutan. Last month, I volunteered as a founding facilitator for Camp Rural-Urban Friendship (RUF), a 10-day camp that brought together over 100 youth from rural Dagana in southern Bhu

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