Delivering Rod's Tag

Posted by Trushna Mehta on Aug 4, 2011
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When Rod suffered a stroke last month, bunch of us decided to do Walk-a-Mile-For-Rod.  After several weeks of compiling letters, well wishes, painting a flower and wooden mailbox, the tag was ready for Rod and his wife Connie!

Neerav and I had the blessed opportunity to deliver Rod’s tag. Tag in hand and hearts overflowing with love and excitement, we were ready to spread generosity and smiles. 

After a few knocks, Connie came to the door. We introduced ourselves and pulled out the very colorful wooden mailbox filled with beautifully ribboned heartfelt letters and wishes. 

Despite being in the middle of their dinner, Connie invited us into their home. We decided to step in for a few minutes to see how Rod was doing. As soon as Rod saw us, he looked at his wife and said, “These are my friends…but they're more like family really.” He was speaking of the collective CharityFocus bunch. : ) 

Connie placed the mailbox on the dinner table next to Rod and opened it. Rod let out a huge laugh and said, “Smile cards…of course!” Connie pulled out the little painted flower and pointed out to Rod, “Look, you’ve received a ton of letters from folks!!”. 

Rod had begun to feel the love and generosity that so many of you had sent him. Looking at Neerav and I, Rod says, "How can one smile when they are on the verge of joyful tears!"  A small tin was tucked inside the mailbox ... Rod picks it up and laughingly says, "I wonder if its spare change?" Connie and Rod burst out in joy as spare change fell from the tin. 

Connie mentioned that their picking up change days might be over as Rod cannot walk and he is not allowed to bend due to his fluctuating blood pressure. Rod joked that he’ll need to devise another method. They both reflected on the last 12 years that they have been collecting spare change and how they’ve collected over $3,000. Being modest, Rod says, "It’s not much, we know." Smiling Neerav says, "It’s all about the intention and to those you’ve helped, it meant a lot. You’ve inspired so many people through your genuine acts of kindness."

We gave Connie and Rod big hugs from us and the collective CF Family.   

Rod is recovering very well. He is confined to a wheelchair and slowly learning how to read again and build his memory. Despite everything, Rod has not lost his wonderful sense of humor. Connie mentioned that Rod cannot read as well right now due to blurred vision, but she would read the letters to him. Jokingly Rod says, "I get to see twice as many letters!"

Rod and Connie send their love to everyone!

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Comments (7)

  • Nipun wrote ...

    That is so awesome, Trushna! Bless you for taking initiative in making Rod's day.

  • Viral wrote ...

    wow, trushna! amazing how you put so much of your heart in beautifully commemorating rod and connie's silent and subtle activism, and took all of us along for the ride as well :-) and loved the recap of your and neearav's time with them. wishing rod all the best!

  • Somik wrote ...

    Thank you for taking the time to do this, Trushna and Neerav! This was truly inspiring to read.

  • Prakash wrote ...

    How beautiful! -- thank you Trushna, Neerav for walking and taking our hearts along the journey.

    Be well Rod. Walking rest of my life in strength and solidarity for people like you.

  • Pancho wrote ...


    Seed Planters of the future AND the present.

    My heart is filled with joy, laughter, gratitude and love.

    Thank you for facilitating the flow of the Universal Love through all of us siblings Trushna and Neerav.

    May your ripples of kindness be amplified a million fold back a forward.

    Love you all.

    Blessed be beloved brother Rod and sister Connie.

  • nisha wrote ...

    Trushna & Neerav, This is such a work of heart and art. Thank you so much for being messengers of love.

  • Raymond Sia wrote ...

    Great , it's an encouraging community contribution and the visit to Rod is a Moral Support to him , as he was happy to see yuo all and introduce you all as friends to his wife to show how glad to see friends visiting him at that time when he is on a wheel chair . We should keep up with this Spirit .